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Therapy resistance is futile

There are more than 250,000 patients suffering from metastatic breast cancer today. 42,000 of them will not survive till the end of the year, mainly due to the shortcomings of traditional therapies that only target half of patients with metastatic breast cancer. Unsurprisingly, this also applies to a plethora of cancers.

Metastatic breast cancers are infamous for their Intratumoral heterogeneity: 42,000 hearts giving away their last beat within the next 12 months because of the cancer’s ability to constantly mutate, overcoming all currently available lines of treatment.

Thus began our race against time. With thousands of lives on the line and a clock ticking time and life away, we had to go above and beyond: we needed a breakthrough. A breakthrough that our passionate, driven, and unrelenting team was able to achieve after spending countless hours in the lab.

We named our breakthrough ERX-41.

  • The only oral agent with cytotoxic activity against metastatic breast cancer cells.
  • The first therapy targeted at most breast cancers.
  • The only agent exhibiting activity against most forms of metastatic breast cancer (ER+, ER-, TNBC).
  • The first therapy to induce sustained and uncompensated ER stress causing cell death.
  • Our drugs kill cancer, others simply stop or slow growth

*These statements are based on preclinical research and have not been evaluated in clinical trials nor by the FDA or any government health agency.

Read more about ERX-41 in the recent publication in Nature Cancer from the lab of etiraRx founders, Dr. Ganesh Raj, Dr. Ratna Vadlamudi and Dr. Jung-Mo Ahn: Targeting LIPA independent of its lipase activity is a therapeutic strategy in solid tumors via induction of endoplasmic reticulum stress.

ERX-41 performance in vitro



Fluorescents released from cells as they die indicating cell death